Some important meetings we attended as Metaltek Teknoloji Laboratory

07-08 June 2017  Frankfurt /GERMANY  

Corrosion and Sun Light Effects training was held by QLAB Company.

04-06 July 2017  Madrid /SPAIN Qualicoat Florida Meeting

We attended Florida meeting at Madrid/SPAIN.

12-14 September 2017 Novara /ITALY QualidecoTraining Meeting

Qualital Laboratory from Italy informed attendants about Qualideco.

31 January 2018 Metaltek Laboratory-Ankara/TURKEY

Mr.Pete is working as a Service Manager in QLAB Co./England came to our laboratory for some checks on the our QLAB test machines.

25-26 April 2018  İstanbul/ TURKEY 4th ULAG Meeting

Attendants were informed about the revised EN ISO 17025 and laboratory safety precautions.

05-07 July 2018  Madrid /SPAIN Qualicoat Florida Meeting

Attendants were informed about the Florida test and evaluation of the test in scope of Qualicoat.

12-14 September 2018  Milano/ ITALY Qualicoat Oualideco Meeting

Attendants were informed about the changing Qualideco standard and the revisions about inspections and test standards.

27-28 September 2018  Metaltek Laboratory-Ankara/TURKEY

Our guests from Qualicoat/SWITZERLAND and Qualital / ITALY Laboratories had chance to visit our laboratory and shared very valuable information about Qualicoat and Qualideco.

15-18 October 2018 Amsterdam/NETHERLAND Qualicoat- Qualisurfal Meeting

Attendants were informed about all the changes and revisions made in the Qualicoat standards in 2018.