In order to measure and classify the quality of organic coatings (dye, varnish, lac, wash primer, resin,
chemical conversion coatings, metal coatings ), many complementary test are needed. These tests can
be classified into two main groups: Corrosion and Mechanical resistance. Tests are done on following
materials: metal, wooden and plastic.

All the tests are carried out in accordance with the internationally valid standards such as EN, ISO, DIN and
ASTM. You can find the names and brief information about the tests below.


EN ISO 9227 / ASTM B117 / EN 13523-8  Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – Salt spray tests







EN ISO 6270-1 / ASTM D2247 / EN 13523-26 Determination of resistance to humidity – Part 1: Continuous condensation







EN ISO 6270-2 / EN 13523-25 Determination of resistance to humidity - Part 2: Procedure for exposing test specimens in condensation-water atmospheres







EN 13523-10 / ISO 11507 Resistance to fluorescent UV radiation and water condensation

ISO 4892-3 Fluorescent UV lamps 







EN ISO 2812-1 Determination of resistance to liquids - Part 1: Immersion in liquids other than water

EN ISO 2812-2 Determination of resistance to liquids - Part 2: Water immersion method

EN 13523-9 Resistance to water immersion

QUALICOAT Section 2.16 Resistance to boiling water







EN 13523-18 Resistance to staining

QUALICOAT Section 2.11 Machu test

EN 12206-1 Section 5.9 Resistance to mortar


EN 13523-1 / EN ISO 2808 Determination of film thicknes

EN ISO 2178  Non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates - Measurement of coating thickness – Magnetic method

EN ISO 2360 Non-conductive coating on non-magnetic electrically conductive basis materials – Measurement of coating thickness – Amplitude-sensitive eddy current method







EN ISO 2409 / ASTM D3359 Cross-Cut test







EN ISO 6272-1 / ASTM D2794 / EN 13523-5 Rapid-deformation (impact resistance) tests – Part 1: Falling-weight test







EN ISO 1520 / EN 13523-6  Cupping Test







EN ISO 1519 / ASTM D522 Method B  Bend test (cylindrical mandrel)







EN ISO 2815 Buchholz indentation test







EN 13523-4 / ASTM D3363 Pencil hardness







EN ISO 1518-1 / EN 13523-12 Determination of scratch resistance - Part 1:Constant-loading method







EN ISO 2813 / ASTM D523 / EN 13523-2 Determination of specular gloos paint films at 20, 60 and 85







EN ISO 3251 Determination of non-volatilematter content

ASTM D2196  Brookfield Viscosity

ASTM B767 / EN ISO 3892 Section 4.6 Aluminum and its alloys + Chromate Coatings

EN ISO 2811-1  Determination of density Part-1: Pycnometer Method